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© 2018 Keep Fighting, Keep Pushing, Be love; - Mike Hamp. 


Bringing awareness and hope to the battle of the mind.  

In late August of 2019 I will be setting off on the first of MANY (If visions mean anything...) walks that I have decided to call "A Walk For Thought" This particular walk will be in the neighborhood of 280 miles taking me from Hastings, Mi. to St Ignace, Mi. I would love to use it as a way to bring awareness to a Non-profit Organization (The Values Not Feelings Organization) that I will be starting in my community (and beyond) that will be active in this War that can happen in our thoughts, in our minds and I want to  come along side anyone and everyone who is battling themselves, their mind, their thoughts, depression, anxiety, addiction, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders. (If you read my story you know that those are all topics that I've dealt with personally.) From as far back as 6th grade I can look back at my life and see where walking, just my legs and feet to the ground wandering all around, deep in my thoughts, in my mind just processing. I found a sense of peace always. Nature has an amazing way at making the worries that this life can create in our minds get smaller and smaller with each step taken while out in it... A Walk For Thought is intended to set in motion some ideas and vision that I have that  I believe can impact many people, please help in any way possible.

I've tried to get sober from almost the first drop of alcohol that entered my bloodstream, (Opiates were the same) but this fix of a thinking problem could only be fixed with a thinking solution. I fully believe that we can't fix these issues with out shifting our thoughts, without rewiring the messed up, poor functioning wires and repairing them with a set of values that allow you to fight the natural response of reacting out of the way our emotions make us "feel". We control our response to anything and everyone ever, this is our "super power" so to speak, our ideas are then our weapons. For me, walking is an amazing way to get physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally balanced (Longer distances are very challenging) and is a HUGE part in helping me stay solid enough to remain sober from chemicals that tried to kill me for the past 16 years. This walk is me going to war with this mental health crisis in hopes to battle with all who are fighting for their lives on a daily basis. A project like this needs a ton of support that could come in many forms. Below is a list of different ways to help and sharing this vision would be amazing too! If there are any ideas or thoughts that you have, please reach out! Thank you for checking out the page.  Keep fighting, keep pushing, be love; #valuesnotfeelings #awalkforthought